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Both products work very nicely (I've used them both) but can be too costly for many organizations.Like Graphics layers, you will usually declare Feature layers in XAML.The post install creates local accounts, which are recommended over domain accounts for security reasons.Arc GIS Server names cannot exceed 15 characters or you will encounter errors during the post install and when trying to connect to the server.It is highly recommended that the methodology about to be discussed be thoroughly tested in a development and/or testing environment before ever being attempted in production.Pushing real-time data into an Arc SDE geodatabase for immediate consumption by end users can be challenging.

In most cases, it's sufficient to use the default account names suggested by the post install (Arc GISSOM and Arc GISSOC) and let the post install create the accounts for you.

When maps have many different layers, users may opt to display map symbology in a smaller size than usual to ensure all symbology is visible when the map is viewed.

Since the size of symbology on the map is carried over in the legend when a legend...

Upload Service Definition_server(sd, con) else: # if the sddraft analysis contained errors, display them print analysis['errors'] But make sure that if you are going to overwrite the service within directory such as "Maps/My Map Service", then you need to create "Maps" directory to mxd directory before run script. Sorry for a Python newbie question: but while this code is working well for me if I overwrite a map service in the root directory, I am having trouble overwriting a map service in a sub folder.

The comments in the code say to 'include service directory' in the service variable, but I am getting errors when I try this..your comment you mention ' MXD directory' but OI am not sure how that relates to the service directory? @Jason BK @jasonbk The Create Map SDDraft method used in this sample asks for a parameter that was setted to None, so by default it points to root level (see below).

When you have multiple map services in an online map, and multiple layers in each service, this gets pretty tedious for maps that get routinely updated.