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Kenya (which they call Kirinyaga — the shining mountain), Ol Donyo Sapuk, the Ngong Hills and the Aberdare (Nyandarua) Range.

Many Kikuyus also live in Uganda and Tanzania, some having risen to national leadership.

This society, with its seemingly contradictory features, has both surprised and shocked them.

Such writers are all the more indignant about the liberal attitudes of the women and the matrilineal nature of filiation and succession, in that these social roles co-exist with an acknowledgement of Islam.

SEE ALSO: Solo Zone: All in the Family Some of the disparity, of course, stems from the same ratio distortion we find between genders in the Western church itself: most denominations report having more female than male parishioners.

More commonly, however, it may be closer to three men to every six women.

While the husband sat peaceably on the rug, his wife was ensconced on the couple's bed, deep in conversation with another man.

Profoundly shocked, their guest hastily withdrew, even though his host explained that: " among our people the relations between men and women are proper and honourable. [Our women] are not like those in your country." (in Cuoq, 1975, p.296).

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This legend seems to represent a change in history from matriarchal to patriarchal organization, which also occurred with other Bantu peoples.

"The condition of these people is a curious thing and their manner of living strange. As for their women, they have absolutely no modesty; in front of their menfolk, they remain totally unveiled..." (Ibn Battuta, 1356; transl.

For the men are not jealous; none of them identifies his descent with that of his father, but rather with that of his maternal uncle; only the sister's sons inherit... Cuoq 197)s Tuaregs and Moors, as a strange and exotic figure.

One day in the year 1352, for example, Ibn Battuta of Tangiers visited a Massufa family from Walata.

He was utterly scandalised by the scene before him.All of the Bible is the word of God, but not all of it is in the form of commandments for us to obey today (e.g., "make thee an ark." Gen. Therefore to properly understand, we must "rightly divide the word of truth" (2 Tim. We can do this best if we first have an overall view of the Bible story. The Old Testament contains 39 books originally written in Hebrew by about 32 men over a period dating from about 1500 B. This view certainly does not conflict with the Bible statement of how God spoke in "times past" and "in these last days" (Heb.