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19-Jun-2016 20:11

And on top of that, all guys are different, all relationships are different, and what a guy wants is constantly changing as he grows.

So it's like that brain surgery is happening on a speeding train. If we want to get really basic, that cocktail of chemicals that seem to dominate most human interactions: dopamine, testosterone, and a few other unsung heroes flood the brain.

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If that's a “yes,” then you might want to keep reading. All of these things stress you out before you can even enjoy getting to know someone. If we know we're really into the guy, we can always make a move. At the end of it all, regardless of all the weird expectations we have for the future men of our dreams and all the proactive measures we take to find love, there's just one thing we need to remember: We don't find love. This is something I need to remind myself every so often when I start getting impatient with myself. Hell, if that were the case, most of us would be in serious relationships by now.It may seem like he is hanging on to every word that leaves your lips.