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29-Apr-2016 08:26

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As you all know for the past few weeks, I’ve been intrigued by the experiences that I’ve gathered from women of color who have attended Ivy League univiersities.

My original article was featured in Madame Noire here: Black Women In The Ivy League: “Everything’s Not Always So Pretty At The Top Recently, someone left a comment on the Madame Noire article that I HAD to share with you all.

However, as the president of Princeton Caribbean Connection, I did interface with many of the affinity groups of color on campus.

I found that if we worked together and formed partnerships, doing things (and making strides) as a community of color on campus would have been much easier.

Fall Work Staff is a wonderful opportunity for those out of school, or waiting to go back, to serve for two and a half months.

This year we are looking for applicants that wish to be a member of the team and do all of the various jobs.

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Suzy Kim began teaching Korean Studies at Rutgers in 2010 and has previously taught at Emerson College, Boston College, and Oberlin College after receiving her Ph. in Modern Korean History at the University of Chicago.), she's serving as one of our modern-day feminist icons (her feminist book club is the stuff our dreams are made of)—leaving little time for anything in the romance arena.