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15-Dec-2016 04:21

The living room has a new wood stove, hardwood floors, and a theme that honors the Native American Indians who once lived and roamed in the area. The bedroom is cozy, and at night you can lay in bed, look out the window and fall asleep watching millions of twinkling stars. Just a small, energy efficient tank-less hot water unit.A new vanity with a black granite countertop, and a shower and tub add a tiny touch of luxury. Contact Bird's Nest VRBO 341097 for rates and reservations.

But I loved two local sports teams: the University of Maryland Terps—specifically, the basketball team—and my beloved Washington Redskins.“You upgraded, girl,” one wrote, while another added “SINCE WHEN.” Duff and Walsh have sparked gossip about their relationship over the past few months after appearing at events together, according to “We’ve known each other for a really long time, and he’s a great guy and we have a lot of fun together,” she said vaguely.